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Time Management

Posted By: xjnk

Marc Mancini, “Time Management”

McGraw-Hill | ISBN 0071406107 | 2003 Year | 180 Pages | 1.70 MB

Quick and Easy-to-Implement Techniques for Making Better Use of Your Time, Both On and Off the Job.

In today's fast-moving workplace, time has never had greater value--or been in shorter supply. Time Management provides you with the tools and techniques you need to make each minute count. Filled with workplace-tested strategies for either improving upon the systems you currently use or replacing them with methods that are proven to be more efficient and time-saving, this latest book in McGraw-Hill's renowned Briefcase Books series will provide you with:

* Strategies for matching the right time-saving tool to each situation
* Management techniques for recognizing and eliminating procrastination
* Methods for working toward team goals while still saying "NO!" to time wasting activities and ideas

From reduced stress and frustration to increased confidence and fulfillment, the benefits of leading a time-managed life are immense and immediate. Discover how professionals from virtually every industry are getting more accomplished in less time, while lowering their minute-to-minute workloads and anxiety, with Time Management.

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Time Management
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