Total Control

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Total Control

Total Control
Modernmalelifestyle | ISBN: N/a | 2008 | MP3 | 51 Mb

That’s right. Total Control. 100 percent. Of any woman.
After all – by definition, that’s what control is: 100 percent. It’s not 80-20, it’s not 50-50. It’s all or nothing.
Whether you are going out to meet women tonight, or already have women in your life – you need to know all of these new, effective control techniques.
Take over and direct your approach and first interaction with her. Set the precedent for the entire relationship – whatever YOU define it as.
Some one has to be in control of any relationship – and with the proven techniques, effective moves and devastating mindset you’ll get from this audio, she’ll know it’s YOU who is calling the shots.
More and more men are victims of women – they get into a relationship and slowly but surely she takes over. And he doesn’t know when or where – or how – it happened.
Just one day, he wakes up and he’s pussywhipped.
And that stops NOW.
This audio is so simple and so effective you’ll be amazed at how fast you can get women to do exactly as you say – every time.
Stop making the common mistakes almost every man makes – I tell you exactly what they are and exactly how to correct them.
You can never obsess over her or put her on a pedestal – it’s a cardinal sin. And I explain it all – and why.
Do you know the three big tactics women use all the time to manipulate men?
More importantly, do you know how to respond and diffuse them?
Have you ever been on the receiving end of her bitch list? Guess what – that shit never ends unless you know exactly how to handle it once and for all.
This audio is all-new, with all of my best control techniques. It puts YOU in charge – from the get-go.
You’ll get three great power moves for the first 20 seconds she sets foot in your door that get her relaxed and ready to make out.
You’ll discover some quick and easy secrets – exactly what to say – to get her in the mood quickly, and then how to take control in the bedroom.
I reveal in detail the Total Control Move – this alone will give you more power over her than you ever imagined possible.
Control is a nasty business sometimes, and most of what you need to do is counter-intuitive – that’s why so very few men have any idea how to take and KEEP control over their women.
You need to take control of any relationship from the moment you say “Hello”.
And TOTAL CONTROL teaches you exactly how to do it.
This audio is filled with great mindsets, information, and over 20 control moves that you can start using right away.
Even if you’re already in a relationship and you feel control slipping away – or worse yet, have lost it – I’ll tell you exactly where it went wrong and how to never be in that situation again.
Control is kill or be killed. Only one person can be in control.
Do you want it to be her, or you?
The Modern Male Lifestyle is proud to present this exclusive and devastatingly tough and effective audio program – Total Control.
* How to stay in control of any woman
* Complete instructions for the telephone and texting
* Disarm and disable her bitch list – for good
* Slowly and progressively get her doing more and more for you
* How to properly use compliments – for control
* How to use you availability – for power and getting her chasing you
* The right mindset – explained throughout in detail
* THE Total Control Move – an easy plan that has her begging to please you
* How to set the relationship agenda
* Exactly how to direct the conversation
* How to avoid the friend zone
* Tons of great lines and phrase – exactly what to say
* Two Hours of Great Audio - no nonsens, no bull - just straigh talk that works
This audio is brand new and jammed full of my best and latest power moves and control moves – every one of them completely proven and used by me.
Men have used all these techniques to get women chasing them and beating a path to their door.
Never eat her bitch list again. Never lose control again. Once you purchase this audio set and utilize the techniques and new mindset, you’ll have a little angel on your hands.
And you will have control.