Trade-off Analytics : Creating and Exploring the System Tradespace

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Trade-off Analytics : Creating and Exploring the System Tradespace

Trade-off Analytics :
Creating and Exploring the System Tradespace

by Gregory S. Parnell
English | 2017 | ISBN: 111923753X | 633 Pages | PDF | 15 MB

Presents information to create a trade-off analysis framework for use in government and commercial acquisition environments.

This book presents a decision management process based on decision theory and cost analysis best practices aligned with the ISO/IEC 15288, the Systems Engineering Handbook, and the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge. It provides a sound trade-off analysis framework to generate the tradespace and evaluate value and risk to support system decision-making throughout the life cycle. Trade-off analysis and risk analysis techniques are examined. The authors present an integrated value trade-off and risk analysis framework based on decision theory. These trade-off analysis concepts are illustrated in the different life cycle stages using multiple examples from defense and commercial domains.

- Provides techniques to identify and structure stakeholder objectives and creative, doable alternatives
- Presents the advantages and disadvantages of tradespace creation and exploration techniques for trade-off analysis of concepts, architectures, design, operations, and retirement
- Covers the sources of uncertainty in the system life cycle and examines how to identify, assess, and model uncertainty using probability
- Illustrates how to perform a trade-off analysis using the INCOSE Decision Management Process using both deterministic and probabilistic techniques

Trade-off Analytics: Creating and Exploring the System Tradespace is written for upper undergraduate students and graduate students studying systems design, systems engineering, industrial engineering and engineering management. This book also serves as a resource for practicing systems designers, systems engineers, project managers, and engineering managers.