Fred B. Schneider (Editor), «Trust in Cyberspace»

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Fred B. Schneider (Editor), «Trust in Cyberspace»

Fred B. Schneider (Editor), «Trust in Cyberspace»
Publisher: National Academies Press | ISBN 0309065585 | January 1999 | PDF | 351 pages | 1.91 MB
Contributor: Committee on Information Systems Trustworthiness, Computer Science and
Telecommunications Board, Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications, National Research Council

This book provides an assessment for building trustworthy networked information systems. It also proposes directions for research in computer & network security, software technology, & system architecture.

Readers Review:

"..Awesome.. Schneider's superb skills as an editor make "Trust in Cyberspace" a joy to read. I particularly liked the part about system architecture - very exciting stuff. This book should be on every CIO's shelf! I don't want to spoil the ending, but WOW it was something else!.."

About the Editor
Fred B. Schneider is chairman of the Committee on Information Systems Trustworthiness