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Two Science Dictionary by Dipak Basu

Posted By: Alexpal

Dipak Basu (Editor), "Dictionary of Pure and Applied Physics"
Dipak Basu (Editor), Dipak K. Basu (Editor), "Dictionary of Material Science and High Energy Physics"

Dipak Basu (Editor), "Dictionary of Pure and Applied Physics"
CRC Press | ISBN 084932890X | 2000 Year | DjVu | 5,8 Mb | 400 Pages

Clear, precise definitions of scientific terms are crucial to good scientific and technical writing-and to understanding the writings of others. Whether you are a physicist, engineer, mathematician, or technical writer, whether you work in a research, academic, or industrial setting, we all have the occasional need for comprehensible, working definitions of scientific terms.To meet that need, CRC Press proudly announces publication of the Dictionary of Pure and Applied Physics-the first published volume of CRC's Comprehensive Dictionary of Physics. Authored by eminent scientists from around the world, offers concise, authoritative definitions of more than 3,000 terms covering a range of pure and applied disciplines:acousticsbiophysicscommunicationselectricityelectronicsgeometrical optics low-temperature physicsmagnetismmedical physics physical opticsThe editor has taken care to ensure each entry is as self-contained as possible, to include terms from the frontiers of technology, and to omit obsolete terms that can clutter a search. The result is a lucid, accessible, and convenient reference valuable to both the novice and the seasoned professional.

Dipak Basu (Editor), Dipak K. Basu (Editor), "Dictionary of Material Science and High Energy Physics"
CRC Press | ISBN 0849328896 | 2001 Year | DjVu | 3,5 Mb | 360 Pages

Over 3,000 terms with clear, working definitions, alternative meanings, and related references comprise this uniquely focused lexicon. Published in a convenient, paperback format, it covers chemical, energy, nuclear, plasma, condensed matter, and solid-state physics, fluid dynamics, quantum mechanics, quantum optics, thermodynamics, and materials science.