Uncommon Problems in Intensive Care

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Uncommon Problems in Intensive Care
Author: J. F. Cade
Uncommon Problems in Intensive Care

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pages: 404 pages
Publisher: Greenwich Medical Media
ISBN: 1841100919
Format: PDF
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Even the most experienced clinician cannot be expected to remember all the relevant details of so many and varied uncommon problems of the seriously ill. Some of these problems can be overlooked in even a major Intensive Care textbook, most can be found eventually in specialist textbooks but the impact on intensive care management might well still be disregarded. This book offers a unique approach. Uncommon problems relevant to intensive care have been gathered into a single volume, in which they have been described in sufficient detail to avert much of the need to refer to specialized texts. Moreover, their implications for intensive care management have been highlighted. The book is intended to provide an easy and practical reference, alphabetically arranged, for the clinician at any level faced with such problems at the patient's bedside.
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