Microsoft Corporation, «UNIX Application Migration Guide»

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Microsoft Corporation, «UNIX Application Migration Guide»

Microsoft Corporation, «UNIX Application Migration Guide»
Microsoft Press | ISBN 0735618380 | 2003 Year | CHM | 3,39 Mb | 684 Pages

This guide is designed to give you the best information available about the issues that you are likely to face if you are contemplating or have decided on greater integration between your UNIX and Microsoft Windows operating system environments. If you are a senior IT decision maker, network manager, or operating system administrator, then this guide has been designed with you in mind. In addition, a large part of this document covers the detailed changes that need to be made at a coding level, making it a valuable resource for developers.

This guide includes information from consultants working in the field and from organizations that have already confronted and solved the issues around migrating from UNIX to Windows to produce what is currently defined as best practice.

What this guide covers:

The Migration Process
Application Assessment and Analysis
UNIX and Windows Interoperability
Creating the Development Environment
Win32 and Interix Code Conversion
User Interface Migration
Testing and Quality Assurance
Fortran Migration

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