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Gewirtz David (Editor), «Using XML with Domino»

Posted By: Alexpal
Gewirtz David (Editor), «Using XML with Domino»

Gewirtz David (Editor), «Using XML with Domino»
ZATZ Publishing | 2003 Year | CHM | 0,4 Mb | 29 Pages

DominoPower Contributing Editor Andrew Stuart explains why XML is a compelling technology in two simple sentences: "Broadly speaking, XML allows anything to talk to anything, quickly and easily. That's no mean feat." In Using XML with Domino, we'll help you understand how you can use XML (Extensible Markup Language) to help Domino communicate with Excel, Office, a content management system, and more.
It's all in the Using XML with Domino Solutions Guide, your best resource for building great online applications using XML and Domino. The Using XML with Domino Solutions Guide is another in our series of Solutions Guides. Each Solutions Guide takes a given topic, like integrating your Domino applications with other systems and applications using the power of XML, and combines all the information you need in one easy to read and easy to understand Solutions Guide.

This Solutions Guide presents four excellent articles from DominoPower Magazine. Each article has been updated and re-edited for this Solutions Guide. This guide is provided to you in Adobe Acrobat format and, of course, the Solutions Guide is completely free of advertisements.

Not only do we cover the basics of XML, how to get started, and how to make the most of it, we also cover such powerful topics as how to get training, how XML can help you with with a content management system, and even how to integrate your Domino applications with Microsoft Office.

Here's some what you'll learn when you buy this Solutions Guide:

Why XML is so important for Domino development
How to make Domino talk to anything, quickly and easily
How you can use XML and Domino to build your own content management system
Why you might want Domino servers to talk to Microsoft IIS/ASP servers
Reasons why you might never build an application with the Notes user interface again
How to separate content from display
How to design your system so you can easily replace components without breaking the system
Where you can go to get quality help learning how to use XML with Domino
Tips for learning about Java agents and servlets
How to turn a Notes view into an XML-equipped Web page
How to take one small XML step to convert large amounts of information into flexible Excel pivot tables
How to use Web agents to work around the limitations of Notes views
How to make best use of LotusScript Web agents (and three secret principles involved in writing them)
The convert-any-view-to-HTML agent
How you can go about marrying all the power of Office to that of Domino
How Web documents work in Office – and why that's important to Domino
Using Java, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets to improve your interface
How to reference ActiveX components
How to access all the content and formatting of Office documents without needing to interpret binary files or object model coding
How you can interact with Office files even if you're not running a "Wintel" server
How to "insert" Domino added value into the Office document process
Important XML traps you should avoid
The three different types of XML data you're find when working with Microsoft documents
Easy tricks to help you prevent "tag collisions"
A gentle peek inside the internal structure of Office documents
And lots more…
Each Solutions Guide is subject to the same high editorial standards and impartial perspective we bring to all our publications. By combining a series of articles and tips into one comprehensive, handy, and incredibly useful Solutions Guide, you'll turn Domino into an interoperating powerhouse.