The Vagina Monologues (Audio CD)

Posted By: larkin

The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler

Publisher: Random House Audible; Unabridged edition, 2002 | Language: English | ISBN: 0553714686 | 80Kbs mp3 | total playing time: 1h 43 min | 53Mb

Outrageous, funny, poignant, and never dull--you'll be amazed at how much this woman has to say about this one topic, but then when was the last time anyone had a chance? This is a complete and utter celebration of being female and of female sexuality, as well as a plea to stop violence against women. So be warned, if you don't want to hear frank language, don't listen. Eve Ensler does a forceful job of delivery that smacks you in the head and rivets your attention. By turns angry, whiny, and seductive, she adds a generous dose of humor with great comic timing. You'll never feel the same way about a woman's body after hearing this. A real eye-opener!