Ebook - Aircraft Recognition Guide

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Ebook - Aircraft Recognition Guide

US Army Tutorial - Aircraft Visual Recognition Guide

Ebook - Aircraft Recognition Guide

Ebook - Aircraft Recognition Guide

Publisher: The US Army Air Defense Artillery School
Format: PDF, 363 pages
Size: 3.6 Megabytes
RAR Archive Size: 2.4 Mb

This manual is a ready reference to assist the ground observer in aircraft recognition and identification.
It provides information on current operational aircraft of the United States and foreign countries, like Russia, Italy, China, and others, which may be observed worldwide. It can be used as source material for personnel conducting unit training in visual aircraft recognition.
Includes basic technical data on each aircraft.
The data is based on the best information available at the time of publication.

Полевой определитель всевозможных летающих аппаратов, от крылатых ракет до бомбардировщиков. Включает техданные на каждую летательную штуковину. Есть описание того, как определять и как учиться определять.

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