Vietnam War Reference Library

Posted By: Plesiosaurus

"Vietnam War Reference Library", Gale Thomson | ISBN 0-7876-9173-9 | 2004 Year | PDF | ~11 Mb | 4 Volumes

Research the Vietnam War from every angle with this comprehensive 4-vol. set. Starting with Vietnam War: Almanac, students trace the progression of this controversial war from its beginnings in 1941 with the creation of the Vietminh guerrilla force under Ho Chi Minh, through its last days in 1975 with the fall of Saigon. Learn more about the people involved with the war in Vietnam War: Biographies, a 2-vol. reference containing comprehensive essays ranging from high ranking government officials both foreign and domestic, to antiwar activists and the soldiers who fought for democracy. With Vietnam War: Primary Sources, students are provided with a variety of perspectives on the country's involvement in the war with excerpts from screenplays, literature, speeches and hearing testimonies.

I've downloaded it from an online library and then I've repacked it. Unfortunately the links to Chapter 13 (America withdraws from Vietnam) and to Chapter 14 (Victory for North Vietnam) were not working, so Vietnam War Reference Library Volume 3 -Almanac is incomplete (pages from 216 to 256 are missing).
Maybe someone will enjoy it till a complete version of it will come out.