Evil Eyes

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Evil Eyes

"Evil Eyes"
Publisher: Pinnacle | ISBN : 0786016760 | April-2007 | Pages : 432 | PDF | 640 KB

EXCELLENT true crime book!

In the typical Cory Mitchell style, this is a page turner that's difficult to put down once you've started reading it.

I was not very familiar with the Coral Eugene Watts case other than an occasional headline I'd catch. Little did I know before reading this book that Watts is quite possibly one of the most horrific - if not THE most horrific and worst serial killer in American history.

The author has the talent and writing style that brings out a variety of emotions in the reader. As the author takes us from crime scene to crime scene, the readers are not just horrified as the body count rises, but start to feel emotion for the victims who are humanized.. brought to life by the author.. which is so important in grasping the magnitude of such a horrific case.

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