George W. Collins, «The virial theorem in stellar astrophysics (Astronomy and astrophysics series ; v.7)»

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George W. Collins, «The virial theorem in stellar astrophysics (Astronomy and astrophysics series ; v.7)»
Pachart Pub. House | ISBN 0912918136 | 1978 Year | DjVu | 0,7 Mb | 135 Pages

As Fred Hoyle has observed, most readers assume a preface is written first and thus contains the author's hopes and aspirations- In reality mosl prefaces are written after the Tact and contain the authors' views of his accomplishments. So it is in this case and I am forced to observe thai my own perception of file subject has deepened and sharpened the considerable respect I have always had for the virial theorem. A corollary aspect of this expanded perspective is an awareness of how much remains to be done. Thus by no means can I claim to have prepared here a complete and exhaustive discussion of the virial theorem; rather this effort should be viewed as a guided introduction, punctuated by a few examples. I can only hope that the reader will proceed with the attitude that this constitutes not an end in itself, but an establishment of a point of view that is useful in comprehending some of the aspects of the universe.
A second traditional role of a preface is to provide a vehicle for acknowledging Ihe help and assistance the author received in the preparation of his work. In addition to the customary accolades for proof reading which in this instance go to George Sonneborn and Dr. John Faulkner, and manuscript preparation by Mrs. Delores Chambers, I feel happily compelled to heap praise upon the publisher.
It is not generally appreciated mat there are only a rew thousand astronomers in the United Stales and perhaps twice thai number in the entire world. Only a small fraction of these could be expected to have an interest in such an apparently specialized subject. Thus the market for such a work compared to a similar effort in another domain of physical sciences such a Physics, Chemistry or Geology is miniscule. This situation has thereby forced virtually all contemporary thought in astrophysics into the various journals, which for economic reason similar to those facing the would-be book publisher; find little room for contemplative or reflective thought. Soil is a considerable surprise and great pleasure to find a publisher willing to put up with such problems and produce works of this type for the small but important audience that has need of them.

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