Visual C++6 for Dummies Quick Reference

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Visual C++ 6 for Dummies, Quick Reference | PDF | 224 Pages

Book Description
Get up to speed in Visual C++ in a flash with these instant answers to your programming questions. Visual C++ 6 For Dummies Quick Reference is the fast and friendly way to get the most from your C++ programming for the Windows 95 and Windows 98 environments without having to spend hours on end poring through dense reference books. Besides, you've got better things to do, like creating cool Windows applications! Visual C++ 6 For Dummies Quick Reference is divided by sections into subject areas and then alphabetized for easy reference. The book's lay-flat design keeps the book open to the page you're reading. From a quick review of C++ basics to creating new applications, building and debugging projects, implementing user controls, and performing error handling to scripting help files, you'll find everything you absolutely need to know at a glance. Confused by syntax issues on constants, arrays, or variables? Looking for fast solutions to writing reusable object-oriented code? Need a quick refresher on C++ operators and the Microsoft Foundation Class that comes with C++? With this book, the information you need is all right at your fingertips!