The Ultimate Vue 2 & 3 Crash Course ( < 1 Hour )

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The Ultimate Vue 2 & 3 Crash Course ( < 1 Hour )

The Ultimate Vue 2 & 3 Crash Course ( < 1 Hour )
Duration: 55m | .MP4 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | AAC, 44100 Hz, 2ch | 709 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn Vue JS Really Fast And Start Using It Today

What you'll learn
You will understand and use Vue today
Lets create your first Vue app together
Secrets from a full-time professional front-end developer
Real practical ways of exploiting the power of Vue

HTML / CSS practice and skills required
Modern JavaScript (ES6+) experience required
Ability to focus on a high-paced course
High doses of enthusiasm required
Code-along with the instructor is a demand

This course is designed for speed. It's not meant for beginners, however it will cover the basics of Vue and get you started on your next project as soon as today.

We Will Cover The Following:

What is Vue and how to set-up your first Vue project

Declarative syntax and declarative rendering of Vue components

Two way binding with v-model ( + using getters and setters )

Lifecycle hooks, such as created, updated, mounted

Binding arguments on parameters with modifiers

Handling events, user inputs and submitting forms

Using conditionals and loops such as v-if and v-for

Composing with multiple components

How to use Vue3 combined with webpack

BEST PART: build a central store with Vuex

Reasons To Take This Crash Course Today:

Not only is Vue a very popular JavaScript framework which allows you to build complex web apps you can be proud off. Many, experts argue that this framework is a worthy contender to overtake Angular and React, both frameworks owned by big corporations ( Google, Facebook ).

Vue is an open-source rich experience which will give you super-powers, meaning it's speed is not yet matched by any other frameworks out there. Vue is specifically tailored to be progressive. This means that you will gradually use more and more features across your project but you are not required to include all of them at once, or when starting a new Vue project.

I hope I inspired you to start learning Vue and can't wait to mentor you!

See you inside.

Who this course is for:
Intermediate front-end programmers who want aspire to be senior programmers
Developers who haven't seen or used Vue before
Full-time professionals who want to use Vue for their next work project
Freelancers who want to build their next front-end project with Vue
Start-ups who want to bootstrap and kickstart their first progressive web app

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