Homebrew Favorites 240 Beer Recipes

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Homebrew Favorites : A Coast-to-Coast Collection of More Than 240 Beer and Ale Recipes

by Karl F. Lutzen, Mark Stevens

"Send us your best," said Karl F. Lutzen and Mark Stevens, in their appeal for the favorite recipes of homebrewers across North America. Homebrew clubs, brewing suppliers, and homebrewers everywhere took up the call. Now here it is. Homebrew Favorites is the nuts and bolts guide to creating unusual brews at home, including:

-Ales, lagers, lambics, wits, meads, ciders, and more.

-Straightforward directions for making each brew.

-Award-winning recipes for everything from siple pales ales to full-bodied lagers to exotic Bengal Spice Beer and Cranberry Ale.

256 pages ( PDF )
10 MB