Easy Mouthwatering Homemade Chocolates and other Candies

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Easy Mouthwatering Homemade Chocolates and other Candies
is the ultimate chocolate-lover's e-Book jam-packed with more than 100
delectable chocolate and candy recipes.

* Super easy recipes that need no special equipment or techniques
* No hard-to-find ingredients
* No need for candy thermometers
* No worrying about temperature charts with soft ball or hard crack stages, and
* No worries about over-cooking.

Inside, you'll find…

How-to Guide: a complete resource on how to shape deliciously creamy fondant centers, how to use your microwave to melt chocolate, how to create those hand-dipped chocolates that rival some of the best "chocolateers", and much more!

The Seductive Lure of Chocolate and its Health Benefits

The Recipe Collection:

* Fondants that Melt Your Heart
* Creamy Delicious Fudge
* Decadent Chocolate Bark
* Easy-to-make Marzipan
* Crunchy Nut Brittles and Jumbles
* Bars, Squares and balls, oh my!
* Marvelous Meringues and Macaroons
* Miscellaneous Yummy Confections

…and much more!

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