The Politician: A look at the political forces that propelled Dwight David Eisenhower into the Presidency

Posted By: rush11
This is Robert Welch's shocking book The Politician - A Look at the Political Forces that Propelled Dwight David Eisenhower into the Presidency (1963) which exposes Eisenhower's connections to the American left and his softness toward the communist menace and how those attitudes were reflected throughout his administration. The book was considered one of the most controversial non-religious manuscripts of its day. The author felt it was too "hot" for publication in 1956, when Eisenhower was a very popular president, thus it was distributed underground. The national press "uncovered" a copy after Welch's new organization, The John Birch Society, proved to be a growing threat to the status quo. Hostile reviews began appearing across the country of an unpublished manuscript but seized once the book went into print as people themselves began requested it. Originally intended by the author to be an unpublished letter to friends, The Politician became one of the most vilified books in American history. The chapter on Operation Keelhaul is alon worth the reading as Eisenhower's role in the forced repatriation of refugees and anti-communists to the Soviet Union at the end of WWII is well documented. It is a nauseating account of treachery and politics in the twentieth century which cost hundreds of thousands of American soldiers their lives when the war was already over. It explains the forces that propelled Eisenhower, the supreme commander of allied forces during World war 2 in Europe, right into the presidency. Welch was not shy in pointing out the role played by Establishment types, Republicans as well as Democrats, in America's decline. It centers on the Eisenhower Administration and the advance of Communism and leftism that it collaborated with. It is not for the feint of heart but when one surveys the wreckage which Ike left behind (all herein documented) anti-Communist Russians, German prisoners of war, the political destruction of McCarthey, Taft and the South it seems in retrospect that the old Belmont candy manufacturer might have been on to something. This is an important political document of the Amrican Right (old school) and deserves a reading or a re-reading today. Highly controversial in it's day and also insightful for showing how the elite in our country manipulate our political system for their own selfish gain. Find out how Eisenhower, who supposedly warned against the military-industry complex, was in reality doing everything in his power to create this menace which today terrorizes the whole world. 195 pages. A must read for everyone.