WI-FOO: The Secrets of Wireless Hacking

Posted By: xjnk

K. Gavrilenko, A. Mikhailovsky, K. Mulbery, “WI-FOO: The Secrets of Wireless Hacking”

Addison Wesley | ISBN 0321202171 | 2004 Year | 555 Pages | CHM Format | 6.72 MB

The definitive guide to penetrating and defending wireless networks.

Straight from the field, this is the definitive guide to hacking wireless networks. Authored by world-renowned wireless security auditors, this hands-on, practical guide covers everything you need to attack -- or protect -- any wireless network.

The authors introduce the 'battlefield,' exposing today's 'wide open' 802.11 wireless networks and their attackers. One step at a time, you'll master the attacker's entire arsenal of hardware and software tools: crucial knowledge for crackers and auditors alike. Next, you'll learn systematic countermeasures for building hardened wireless 'citadels''including cryptography-based techniques, authentication, wireless VPNs, intrusion detection, and more.

Coverage includes:

* Step-by-step walkthroughs and explanations of typical attacks
* Building wireless hacking/auditing toolkit: detailed recommendations, ranging from discovery tools to chipsets and antennas
* Wardriving: network mapping and site surveying
* Potential weaknesses in current and emerging standards, including 802.11i, PPTP, and IPSec
* Implementing strong, multilayered defenses
* Wireless IDS: why attackers aren't as untraceable as they think
* Wireless hacking and the law: what's legal, what isn't

If you're a hacker or security auditor, this book will get you in. If you're a netadmin, sysadmin, consultant, or home user, it will keep everyone else out.