Aspatore Books, «Inside the Minds: Winning Antitrust Strategies»

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Aspatore Books, «Inside the Minds: Winning Antitrust Strategies»

Aspatore Books, «Inside the Minds: Winning Antitrust Strategies - Leading Lawyers from Latham & Watkins, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, Piper Rudnick & More on Mastering the … & Protect Competition»
Aspatore Books | ISBN 1587624389 | 2004 Year | CHM | 336 Kb | 230 Pages

Inside the Minds: Winning Antitrust Strategies is an authoritative, insider’s perspective on the basic pillars that govern antitrust and competition, the essential capabilities of the successful practitioner and the future of the discipline, on a global scale. Featuring Department Heads, Leading Partners and Group Chairs of antitrust, all representing some of the nation’s top firms, this book provides a broad, yet comprehensive overview of this legal discipline and the elements there within, outlining the current shape and future state of antitrust. With a detailed explanation of the governing statutes of anitrust law and key strategies for success, including the essential components of negotiation and litigation, as well as the critical steps involved in joint ventures and licensing agreements, authors articulate the finer points around antitrust now, and what till hold true into the future. The different niches represented and the breadth of perspectives presented enable readers to get inside some of the great legal minds of today as experts offer up their expertise on this fascinating practice area – where law, economics and strategy intersect.