Wolfram: The Mathematica Book

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Wolfram: The Mathematica Book

Stephen Wolfram, «The Mathematica Book», 5th ed
Wolfram | ISBN 1579550223 | 2003 | PDF | 8.7 MB | 1301 pp

Mathematica Version 5 introduces important extensions to the Mathematica system, especially in scope and scalability of numeric and symbolic computation. Building on the core language and extensive algorithm knowledgebase of Mathematica, Version 5 introduces a new generation of advanced algorithms for a wide range of numeric and symbolic operations.

This book is intended to be a complete introduction to Mathematica. It describes essentially all the capabilities of Mathematica, and assumes no prior knowledge of the system.

In most uses of Mathematica, you will need to know only a small part of the system. This book is organized to make it easy for you to learn the part you need for a particular calculation. In many cases, for example, you may be able to set up your calculation simply by adapting some appropriate examples from the book.