World War II German Battle Insignia

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World War II German Battle Insignia

World War II German Battle Insignia - Men-at-Arms 365| PDF | 14.5 Mb

About this book
The remarkable war effort of the German armed forces on three fronts between 1939 and 1945 was recognised by a wider range of insignia than seen in the Allied armies. While the Wehrmacht displayed fewer unit insignia than the Allies, a glance at a German soldier's tunic could reveal much more about his actual combat experience. In this book an experienced researcher explains and illustrates the Battle and Assault Badges of the Army, Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe ground troops; the sleeve shields and cuffbands issued to mark service in particular campaigns; wound badges, commemorative medals, and other types of insignia.


Battle shields - Narvik, Krim, Kuban, Cholm, Demjansk, Lappland, Lorient

Campaign cuff titles - Afrika, Kreta, Kurland, Metz

Campaign medals - Eastern Front 1941/42, Afrika

Battle badges - Infantry, Panzer, General, Flak, Anti-Partisan

Luftwaffe Battle Badges - Ground, Sea, Panzer, Flak

Close Combat Clasp, Tank Destruction Badge, Sniper Badge


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