Writing PHP with Emacs : Turn vanilla Emacs into a powerful PHP editor

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Writing PHP with Emacs : Turn vanilla Emacs into a powerful PHP editor

Writing PHP with Emacs
by Phil Newton

English | 2021 | ISBN : NA | 86 Pages | PDF, EPUB, MOBI | 5 MB

"Writing PHP with Emacs" explains which packages to install, how to use and configure them, and how to really get the most out of your Emacs editing experience. My aim is for the book to teach you how to take a brand new Emacs installation and turn it into something tailored just for you.

A complete table of contents, along with a regularly updated changelog, is available on the Writing PHP with Emacs homepage. The rough outline looks like this:

Part 1 - Essential Packages
Using php-mode
First Steps
Useful shortcuts (for navigation, viewing documentation and editing code)
Customization - indentation and coding styles
Customization - documentation lookup
Customization - Using TAGS files
Evaluating inline code using php-send-region
Using web-mode
First steps
Useful shortcuts
Customization - indentation
Explanation and examples of all shortcuts
Part 2 - Getting More out of Emacs
Checking syntax (and more) with flycheck
Navigating projects using projectile
Using lsp-mode
Part 3 - Recipes
Setting per-project settings using .dir-locals.el
Generating code quickly with emmet
Looking up documentation with dash
Adding a project sidebar using dired-sidebar
Setting up an Emacs environment for WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, and Symfony