Yellow Footed Tortoise, Paper Craft Model

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Yellow Footed Tortoise, Paper Craft Model

Yellow Footed Tortoise (Testudinidae Family)
Geochelone denticulata
Carapace (shell top) :
length: 50 to 60 cm (approximately 19.7 to 23.6 in.)

The Yellow Footed Tortoise, a member of the Testudinidae family, is the largest species of tortoise inhabiting the Amazon tropical rain forest. The carapace of the grown Yellow Footed Tortoise ranges in length from 50 to 60 cm (approximately 19.7 to 23.6 in.) and, in some cases, may exceed 70 cm (27.6 in.). The largest carapace on record is currently 82 cm (approximately 32.3 in.) long.

The carapace is narrow and dome-shaped with a blackish brown color and orange or yellow markings. The species resembles the Red Footed Tortoise, which also belongs to the Testucinidae family. As well-described by its name, the limbs, especially the front legs, are spotted with yellow (or orange) markings, while the Red Footed Tortoise has reddish markings. Furthermore, the species' simple oval-shaped carapace differs from that of the Red Footed Tortoise, which has concave indentations on its sides viewed from above.

The Yellow Footed Tortoise feeds mainly on fruit and flowers. It also eats leaves, bark, grasses, mushrooms, and occasionally even insects, snails, and the carrion of vertebrate animals.

The species lays several clutches of four to eight eggs a year. Both male and female individuals basically live a solitary life except during the breeding season.

Habitat: Extending to the Orinoco River and the upper Amazon basin, the Yellow Footed Tortoise inhabits the tropical rain forests of South American nations such as Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil and Bolivia, and seldom leaves the forests. The number of the species is decreasing due to deforestation and the capture of tortoises for food. The commercial trading of all tortoises is restricted by the Washington Convention. However, because of the high demand for tortoises, widespread international trading of a great number of wild and bred individuals for pet purposes is taking place, both legally and illegally.

The Yellow Footed Tortoise, the largest species in the Testudinidae family that inhabits the Amazon jungle.

Assembly instructions for the Paper Craft Model of the Yellow Footed Tortoise, well-named for its yellow-scaled limbs, as well as a photo image of a completed model.

The Yellow Footed Tortoise is classified as ““VULNERABLE” on the Red List.


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What is include in the Rar file:
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+ Uncolored Sculpture With Special Texture.
+ Assembly Instructions For The Paper Sculptures.

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