Zen Self Mastery Unabridged Audiobook

Posted By: synapsedkb
Envision a life characterized by complete inner peace, even in the midst of suffering and chaos. Envision liberation from negative and aggressive people, frastrating expectations and the self-defeating fears that hold you back from your true potential and ultimate success. The results would be like magic, a complete total and lasting tranformation of your life and everything in it.

This is not a fantasy to dream about, but a reality you can enjoy daily once you begin working with Self Mastery: The Zen Way to Attain Peace, Develop Detachment and Program Success. This extraordinary new program combines the ancient philosophy of Zen with cutting-edge mind programming techniques to create one of the most powerful and liberating transformation experiences ever presented. Self Mastery culminates the decades-long career of Dick Sutphen an originator and constatnt innovator of the science of altered mental states and mind programming and a world-reowned expert and lecturer on the topic of metaphysics.

Dick Sutphen Shares with You:
-The ancient origins of Zen and how to apply this powerful viewpoint to your modern life..
-The three-world sentence that will spare you every mental trauma.
-How to find the perfection in others and yourself.
-How to detach yourself from all negativity.
-How to identify and eliminate the fear-based emotions that cause you misery and hold you back.
-How to find freedom from crippiing guilt.
-How to rid yourself of stress, repression and regrets.

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