Medicine, Magic and Religion

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Medicine, Magic and Religion

Medicine, Magic and Religion by W.H.R. Rivers
Routledge | ISBN: 0415254035 | 2001 | PDF | 144 pages

The Routledge Classics, an intellectually compelling, and sometimes daunting, selection of important nonfiction originally published by the leftish Routledge or one of its imprints.[a] superb and welcome series.
–Martin Levin, Globe & Mail

I should like to meet Rivers in the next world. It is difficult to believe that such a man as he could be extinguished.
–Siegfried Sassoon

The restraint, power and fineness of Rivers' mind make it impossible to be patient with critics who feel uncomfortable in the presence of his greatness.
–Robert Graves

Despite the distinction and variety of his scientific achievements, only those personally acquainted with him can fully appreciate the causes of that profound respect with which he was regarded …Medicine, Magic and Religion is a document of first-rate importance … and it will thus remain as a worthy monument to its distinguished author.
–The Times Literary Supplement