Computer and Communication Networks

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Computer and Communication Networks

Computer and Communication Networks by Nader F. Mir
English | 18 Dec. 2014 | ISBN: 0133814742 | 912 Pages | PDF | 29.74 MB

Computer and Communication Networks, Second Edition, explains the modern technologies of networking and communications, preparing you to analyze and simulate complex networks, and to design cost-effective networks for emerging requirements. Offering uniquely balanced coverage of basic and advanced topics, it teaches through case studies, realistic examples and exercises, and intuitive illustrations.

Nader F. Mir establishes a solid foundation in basic networking concepts; TCP/IP schemes; wireless and LTE networks; Internet applications, such as Web and e-mail; and network security. Then, he delves into both network analysis and advanced networking protocols, VoIP, cloud-based multimedia networking, SDN, and virtualized networks.

In this new edition, Mir provides updated, practical, scenario-based information that many networking books lack, offering a uniquely effective blend of theory and implementation. Drawing on extensive field experience, he presents many contemporary applications and covers key topics that other texts overlook, including P2P and voice/video networking, SDN, information-centric networking, and modern router/switch design.

Students, researchers, and networking professionals will find up-to-date, thorough coverage of

Packet switching
Internet protocols (including IPv6)
Networking devices
Links and link interfaces
LANs, WANs, and Internetworking
Multicast routing, and protocols
Wide area wireless networks and LTE
Transport and end-to-end protocols
Network applications and management
Network security
Network queues and delay analysis
Advanced router/switch architecture
QoS and scheduling
Tunneling, VPNs, and MPLS
All-optical networks, WDM, and GMPLS
Cloud computing and network virtualization
Software defined networking (SDN)
VoIP signaling
Media exchange and voice/video compression
Distributed/cloud-based multimedia networks
Mobile ad hoc networks
Wireless sensor networks

Key features include

More than three hundred fifty figures that simplify complex topics
Numerous algorithms that summarize key networking protocols and equations
Up-to-date case studies illuminating concepts and theory
Approximately four hundred exercises and examples honed over Mir’s twenty years of teaching networking