Stretching For Dummies (repost)

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Stretching For Dummies (repost)

LaReine Chabut, Madeleine Lewis "Stretching For Dummies"
English | 2007-02-05 | ISBN: 0470067411 | 288 pages | PDF | 8 MB

Includes routines for pregnant women, kids, and seniors
Get stronger, look thinner, and nip injuries in the bud
Stretching does much more than increase your flexibility — it promotes relaxation, relieves pain, boosts your energy, and improves posture and performance. This plain-English guide starts you on a safe, healthy stretching regimen, giving you an array of practices for home, work, and on the go as well as specific stretches for target areas, such as the back.

Discover how to
• Establish a stretching routine
• Warm up and cool down
• Stretch for specific activities
• Prevent athletic injury
• Relieve computer-desk stress
• Stretch with a partner