Sleep: A Comprehensive Handbook (repost)

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Sleep: A Comprehensive Handbook (repost)

Sleep: A Comprehensive Handbook
Publisher: W.i.l.e.y 2005 | 1038 Pages | ISBN: 047168371X | PDF | 18 MB

A unique resource on sleep medicine
Written by contemporary experts from around the world, Sleep: A Comprehensive Handbook covers the entire field of sleep medicine. Taking a novel approach, the text features both syndrome- and patient-oriented coverage, making it ideally suited for both clinical use and academic study.
Sleep: A Comprehensive Handbook begins with a brief introduction to the basic science of sleep, from neurobiology to physiologic processes. This leads into sections offering comprehensive coverage of insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, parasomnias, movement disorders, and much more. Sleep and related disorders are also discussed, followed by chapters on considerations for special patient groups. Special materials for practitioners include a sample interview and questionnaire as well as a chapter on operating and managing a sleep center. The text concludes with discussions of sleep assessment methods such as polysomnography, actigraphy, and video EEG monitoring.