Integer and Combinatorial Optimization

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Integer and Combinatorial Optimization

Laurence A. Wolsey, George L. Nemhauser, "Integer and Combinatorial Optimization"
English | 1988 | ISBN: 047182819X, 0471359432 | PDF | pages: 772 | 78,7 mb

This advanced text/reference presents the mathematical foundations of integer and combinatorial optimization models and the algorithms that can be used to solve a variety of problems in resource allocation, location, distribution, scheduling and production. Chapters on polyhedral theory and model formulation with integer variables are included. Part 1 covers linear programming, graphs and networks and computational complexity. Part 2 covers integer programming, including duality, relaxation and strong cutting planes, and presents algorithms. Part 3 addresses combinatorial optimization, including 0-1 matrices, matching, and submodular function optimization. The book contains many examples and applications.

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