Modern Multidimensional Calculus

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Modern Multidimensional Calculus

Marshall Evans Munroe, "Modern Multidimensional Calculus (Dover Books on Mathematics)"
ISBN: 0486834026 | 2019 | EPUB | 400 pages | 28 MB

A second-year calculus text, this volume is devoted primarily to topics in multidimensional analysis. Concepts and methods are emphasized, and rigorous proofs are sometimes replaced by relevant discussion and explanation. Because of the author's conviction that the differential provides a most elegant and useful tool, especially in a multidimensional setting, the notion of the differential is used extensively and matrix methods are stressed in the study of linear transformations.
The first three chapters offer introductory material on functions and variables, differentials, and vectors in the plane. Succeeding chapters examine topics in linear algebra, partial derivatives, and applications as well as topics in vector differential calculus. The final chapters explore multiple integrals in addition to line and surface integrals. Exercises appear throughout the text, and answers are provided, making the book ideal for self-study.