Miscellany of Sex: Tantalizing Travels Through Love and Libido (Repost)

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Miscellany of Sex: Tantalizing Travels Through Love and Libido (Repost)

Francesca Twinn, "Miscellany of Sex: Tantalizing Travels Through Love and Libido"
2007 | pages: 194 | ISBN: 0572033931 | PDF | 19,7 mb

While pondering the infinite possibilities of love and libido, it has been hard not to also consider the meaning of life…
Many spend their time looking for that special someone to whisper those three little words to, while others seek pleasure or solace in three big letters - S E X. Is the answer meaningless sex or a meaningful relationship? Or is it a combination of both?
This light-hearted, sometimes serious, candid and hopefully surprising book ventures into comfort and danger zones alike. It is filled with stories and statistics, facts and figures, compelling accounts, moments of madness and comical tales. Since time began, particular ways of behaving, time-honoured traditions and strange fascinations have developed which illustrate how the world views sex. The battle of the sexes has long been a favourite sport of the human race, not to mention the vast and much-explored areas of orientation, position, and imagination. It all proves that, when it comes to the meaning of sex, there is no simple definition.
While love may prove elusive, one thing is for sure - sex is a fact of all our lives. Well, let's face it, we wouldn't be here without it.

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