DK Eyewitness Books – Soccer (repost)

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DK Eyewitness Books – Soccer (repost)

DK Eyewitness Books – Soccer
English | Publication date : April 2005 | ISBN : 0756610915 | PDF | 72 pages | English | 6 MB

Discover the inside story of soccer-from the origins of the game to the latest World cup finals. The most trusted nonfiction series on the market, Eyewitness Books provide an in-depth, comprehensive look at their subjects with a unique integration of words and pictures.

Soccer has its roots in ancient China, Europe, and the Americas. People kicked a ball to prepare for war, to honor their gods, or just to entertain themselves. For centuries, different versions of ball-kicking games existed. In Europe, they were tests of courage and strength; in China and other Eastern countries, the games were rituals of grace and skill. The rules of the modern game of soccer were not drawn up until 1863, but the qualities that we admire in it – speed, agility, bravery, and spirit – have been present in many cultures for more than 2,000 years.