The Parietal Lobe

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The Parietal Lobe

Adrian M. Siegel MD, Richard A. Andersen PhD, Hans-Joachim Freund MD, "The Parietal Lobe"
2003 | pages: 388 | ISBN: 0781736250 | PDF | 12,5 mb

The first book on the parietal lobe since Macdonald Critchley's classic work in 1953, this volume is a definitive account of the latest findings and concepts on parietal lobe function. Leading authorities in the field present detailed reviews of recent clinical, experimental, and neuroimaging studies, including state-of-the-art PET and fMRI examinations, and new imaging findings on brain lesions. Synthesizing the data from these studies, the contributors provide new insights into the modular architecture of the parietal lobe, its function in sensorimotor integration, its interplay with other parts of the brain, and the pathology underlying various movement, language, and seizure disorders.

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