Encyclopedia of Reincarnation and Karma (repost)

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Encyclopedia of Reincarnation and Karma (repost)

Encyclopedia of Reincarnation and Karma By Norman C. McClelland
2010 | 321 Pages | ISBN: 0786448512 | PDF | 10 MB

Featuring over 1,200 topical entries arranged alphabetically, this encyclopedia provides diverse and detailed coverage of the related subjects of reincarnation and karma. Its in-depth examination ranges from ancient beliefs to those of the present, incorporating all relevant world cultures. A series of broad thematic entries cover foundational aspects while over a thousand highly focused entries deal with various societies and organizations which support the concepts of reincarnation and karma; specific religious groups, sects, and associations; key individuals both historic and modern; and related beliefs, concepts, and practices.

About the Author
Norman C. McClelland is a retired teacher, independent scholar, and a Zen dharma master, ordained by the Venerable Karuna Dharma, Abbess of the International Buddhist Meditation Center of Los Angeles. He is a published poet and author of a chapter on Zen in an anthology on gay spirituality. He lives in Los Angeles, California.