Scrambling Techniques for CDMA Communications

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Scrambling Techniques for CDMA Communications

Byeong Gi Lee,Byoung-Hoon Kim, "Scrambling Techniques for CDMA Communications"
Publisher: Springer 2001 | 361 Pages | ISBN: 0792374266 | PDF | 9,65 MB

Scrambling Techniques for CDMA Communications addresses spreading, scrambling, and synchronization techniques for use in inter-cell synchronous and asynchronous CDMA systems, including the IMT-2000. It provides fundamental background material for sequences and shift register generators, and demonstrates various acquisition techniques in primitive, advanced levels, and in the third generation (3G) DS/CDMA cellular systems. In addition, it introduces the novel acquisition techniques DSA (Distributed Sample Acquisition) and CDMA (Correlation-aided DSA) that enable rapid and robust acquisition of inter-cell synchronous and asynchronous IMT-2000 CDMA systems. Scrambling Techniques for CDMA Communications will be invaluable to wireless communication engineers, and in particular those involved in theoretical and design works related to spreading, scrambling, and synchronization of CDMA communication systems.

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