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Analysis and Geometry in Several Complex Variables

Posted By: AvaxGenius
Analysis and Geometry in Several Complex Variables

Analysis and Geometry in Several Complex Variables: Proceedings of the 40th Taniguchi Symposium by Gen Komatsu
English | PDF | 1999 | 322 Pages | ISBN : 0817640673 | 39.1 MB

This volume consists of a collection of articles for the proceedings of the 40th Taniguchi Symposium Analysis and Geometry in Several Complex Variables held in Katata, Japan, on June 23-28, 1997. Since the inhomogeneous Cauchy-Riemann equation was introduced in the study of Complex Analysis of Several Variables, there has been strong interaction between Complex Analysis and Real Analysis, in particular, the theory of Partial Differential Equations.
Problems in Complex Anal­ ysis stimulate the development of the PDE theory which subsequently can be applied to Complex Analysis. This interaction involves Differen­ tial Geometry, for instance, via the CR structure modeled on the induced structure on the boundary of a complex manifold. Such structures are naturally related to the PDE theory. Differential Geometric formalisms are efficiently used in settling problems in Complex Analysis and the results enrich the theory of Differential Geometry. This volume focuses on the most recent developments in this inter­ action, including links with other fields such as Algebraic Geometry and Theoretical Physics. Written by participants in the Symposium, this vol­ ume treats various aspects of CR geometry and the Bergman kernel/ pro­ jection, together with other major subjects in modern Complex Analysis. We hope that this volume will serve as a resource for all who are interested in the new trends in this area. We would like to express our gratitude to the Taniguchi Foundation for generous financial support and hospitality. We would also like to thank Professor Kiyosi Ito who coordinated the organization of the symposium.
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