Cambridge Maths Stage 6 NSW Standard 2 Year 12

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Cambridge Maths Stage 6 NSW Standard 2 Year 12

Gregory Powers, "Cambridge Maths Stage 6 NSW Standard 2 Year 12"
English | ISBN: 1108448070 | 2018 | 489 pages | PDF | 57 MB

CambridgeMATHS Mathematics Standard 2 Year 12 provides complete and close coverage of the
NSW Stage 6 Mathematics Standard 2 Year 12 syllabus to be implemented in 2019 including the
November 2017 syllabus update.
Now part of the CambridgeMATHS series, this resource is part of a continuum from Year 7 through to 12.
The series includes advice on pathways from Stage 5 to Stage 6. The Year 12 resource gives access
to selected previous years’ lessons for revision of prior knowledge.
The four components of Mathematics Standard 2Year 12 — the print book, downloadable PDF textbook, online
Interactive Textbook and Online Teaching Resource — contain a huge range of resources available to schools in
a single package at a convenient low price. There are no extra subscriptions or per-student charges to pay.
Interactive Textbook powered by the HOTmaths platform – included with the print book or
available separately (shown on the page opposite)
The Interactive Textbook is an online HTML version of the print textbook powered by the HOTmaths
platform, completely designed and reformatted for on-screen use, with easy navigation. Its features include:
1 Most examples have video versions to encourage independent learning.
2 All exercises including chapter reviews have the option of being done interactively on line, using
workspaces and self-assessment tools. Students rate their level of confidence in answering the
question and can flag the ones that gave them difficulty. Working and answers, whether typed or
handwritten, and drawings, can be saved and submitted to the teacher electronically. Answers displayed
on screen if selected and worked solutions (if enabled by the teacher) open in pop-up windows.
3 Teachers can give feedback to students on their self-assessment and flagged answers.
4 The full suite of the HOTmaths learning management system and communication tools are included in
the platform, with similar interfaces and controls.
5 Worked solutions are included and can be enabled or disabled in the student accounts by the teacher.
6 Interactive widgets and activities based on embedded Desmos windows demonstrate key concepts
and enable students to visualise the mathematics.
7 Desmos scientific and graphics calculator windows are also included.
8 ‘Knowledge check’ revision of prior knowledge using selected HOTmaths Year 10 lessons is included.
9 Every section in a chapter has a Quick Quiz of automatically marked multiple-choice questions for
students to test their progress.
10 Definitions pop up for key terms in the text, and are also provided in a dictionary.
11 Each chapter has a Study Guide – a concise summary in PowerPoint slides that can be used for
revision and preparation for assessment.
12 Literacy worksheets can be accessed via the Interactive Textbook, with answers in the Online
Teaching Suite, providing activities to help with mathematical terminology.
13 Spreadsheet questions with accompanying spreadsheet files.