Flavor, Fragrance, and Odor Analysis, Second Edition

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Flavor, Fragrance, and Odor Analysis, Second Edition

Ray Marsili, "Flavor, Fragrance, and Odor Analysis, Second Edition"
English | ISBN: 1439846731 | 2012 | 280 pages | PDF | 24 MB

There are many advantages to stir bar sorptive extraction (SBSE) for isolating and concentrating flavor-active chemicals from foods, including its simplicity and wide application appeal. Written from a practical, problem-solving perspective, the second edition of Flavor, Fragrance, and Odor Analysis highlights this powerful technique and emphasizes the range of applications available.

Topics discussed include

Sequential SBSE, a novel extraction procedure
A simplified method for switching from one-dimensional to two-dimensional GC-MS
How analytical sensitivity and recovery of phenolic compounds can be improved using aqueous acylation prior to SBSE GC-MS
Analyzing and combating off-flavors caused by metabolites from microorganisms
A technique for measuring synergy effects between odorants
The identification of the characterizing aroma-active compounds of tropical fruits with high economic potential
The parameters utilized during the production of aqueous formulations rich in pyrazines
How spectral deconvolution can be used to speciate the subtle differences in essential oil content and track key ingredients through the manufacturing process

The final chapter summarizes chemical identities of characterizing aroma chemicals in fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices, and savory and dairy flavors. It also provides a brief compendium of the characterization of off-flavors and taints that are reported in foods.

With contributions from a distinguished panel of international experts, this volume provides chemists and researchers with the latest techniques for analyzing and enhancing food flavor and fragrance.