Sacred Texts Interpreted: Religious Documents Explained [2 Volumes]

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Sacred Texts Interpreted: Religious Documents Explained [2 Volumes]

Sacred Texts Interpreted: Religious Documents Explained [2 Volumes] by Carl Olson
English | October 5, 2017 | ISBN: 144084187X | PDF | 663 pages | 4.4 MB

Covering the major monotheistic religions―Christianity, Judaism, and Islam―as well as selected Eastern religions and Bahá'í, Zoroastrianism, and Mormonism, this cross-cultural book offers excerpts of sacred texts and interprets passages to enable a deeper understanding of these religious writings.

Sacred Texts Interpreted: Religious Documents Explained gives readers the opportunity to examine―directly―the primary sources of different religions and to better understand these texts through expert commentary on selected passages. The interpretative material investigates the nature of sacred texts along with the relationship between sacred scripture and canon, and it explains why these sacred texts have enduring significance and influence. The author provides suggestions on how to read a sacred text before turning to the textual selections from 13 religious traditions arranged alphabetically, beginning with the Bahá'í religion and ending with Zoroastrianism.

Each chapter is devoted to the primary textual sources of a particular religious tradition and is prefaced by an introduction to the literature that places it within its historical and cultural heritage. The emphasis for each religion is on its foundational scriptures that are often considered sacred by its adherents. Readers will gain a much greater appreciation of how powerful religious texts have always been across human culture and throughout millennia―and of how religious thought and ideology have shaped daily life, built civilizations, inspired art and literature, and incited wars and violence.

• Guides readers through some of the most important religious texts in world history, providing significant interpretative material to help students understand the history and ideas within these writings
• Discusses the nature of a sacred text and suggests ways of reading a sacred text to more fully appreciate its significance
• Provides insightful comments from the editor that accompany the selected texts, explaining the context of passages to enhance readers' comprehension