Developmental Psychology, Second Edition

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Developmental Psychology, Second Edition

Developmental Psychology, Second Edition
Juta | English | 2013 | ISBN-10: 1485102278 | 697 pages | PDF | 8.00 mb

By Watts, J ; Cockcroft, K ; Duncan, N

Developmental Psychology, second edition, provides a theory-driven approach to understanding development from two perspectives – psychoanalytic and cognitive. These two perspectives complement one another: a psychoanalytic focus is based on understandings of how the mind affects the development of personality, while a cognitive focus offers insight into the development of the mind. The third section of this book brings together thoughts on the South African context and how it impacts upon development. Developmental Psychology is a broad and integrative introduction to developmental psychology for undergraduates, postgraduates and health professionals.

Contents Include:
1 Basic concepts and principles in developmental psychology - Derek Hook / Kate Cockcroft
SECTION ONE: Psychoanalytic approaches to development and personality
2 A basic introduction to psychoanalytic thought - Jacki Watts
3 Freud's psychoanalytic theory of development and personality - Jacki Watts / Derek Hook
4 Klein's object relations theory of development and personality - Jacki Watts
5 Fairbairn’s contributions to object relations theory - Cora Smith
6 Wilfred Bion: Thinking, feeling and the search for truth - Gavin Ivey
7 Donald Winnicott - Jacki Watts
8 Kernberg’s theory of normal and pathological development - Carol Long
9 Heinz Kohut: Self psychology - Sally Swartz
10 Attachment theory - Lee Senior
11 Jung's analytic theory of the development of personality - Jacki Watts
12 Lacan's mirror stage - Derek Hook
13 Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development - Derek Hook
SECTION TWO: Cognitive development
This section has been totally revamped to include chapters on each aspect of cognitive functioning.
14 Introduction to cognitive development - Kate Cockcroft
15 Piaget’s constructivist theory of cognitive development - Kate Cockcroft
16 Intellectual development - Kate Cockcroft / Nicky Israel
17 Memory development - Kate Cockcroft
18 Language development - Kate Cockcroft
19 Kohlberg’s theory of moral reasoning - James Grant
20 Evolutionary development - Michael Greyling
21 Contributions of cognitive science approaches to cognitive developmental psychology - Kevin G F Thomas / Susan Malcolm-Smith / Marianne Ball / Michelle Robberts
22 Vygotsky’s theory of the development of cultural tools - Gillian Mooney
SECTION THREE: Psychosocial and socio-political contexts of development
23 Developmental psychology: Critiques and contextual considerations - Norman Duncan
24 Bronfenbrenner's ecological theory of development - Derek Hook
25 Violent crime and human development in South Africa - Garth Stevens
26 The effects of trauma on child development: Children in South Africa - Patrick Connolly / Gill Eagle
27 Critical issues in developmental psychology - Derek Hook / Norman Duncan
28 Race, culture and psychological theory - Mambwe Kasese-Hara
29 Gender identity: Contestations and questions - Gillian Mooney / Peace Kiguwa
30 Theory and South African developmental psychology research and literature - Catriona Macleod

Of Interest and Benefit to:
This text is suitable for undergraduate psychology students, postgraduates and health professionals.

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