Break Through Your BS: Uncover Your Brain's Blind Spots and Unleash Your Inner Greatness

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Break Through Your BS: Uncover Your Brain's Blind Spots and Unleash Your Inner Greatness

"Break Through Your BS: Uncover Your Brain's Blind Spots and Unleash Your Inner Greatness" by Derek Doepker
2015 | EPUB | 322 pages | ISBN: 1522879838 | English | 0.4 MB

Tired Of Bullsh*t Holding You Back From The Greatness You Deserve?

Whether it’s BullSh*t excuses, limiting Belief Systems, or the hidden Blind Spots created by a biased brain keeping you stuck in mediocrity, this barrier of BS is the reason the current reality of your life pales in comparison to the potential possibility of the greatness you were made for.

Something inside of you knows this… and this is why you’re here, reading these words, ready to say “Now I make the choice to break through everything that’s keeping me from my greatness.”

This Is A Game – Are You Willing To Play?

"Break Through Your BS" isn't your typical self help book…

It’s a game. A challenge. An experience to be had.

A journey through the tricks your mind plays on you so you won't continuously be deceived by them wondering, "How can I do everything right, and yet everything is wrong?"

Part poetry, part smart-ass humor, and a heavy dose practical empowerment, this book will likely leave you with more questions than answers, and yet you’ll find this is exactly what you’ve been needing all along.

What’s In Store For You

If you’re looking for clarity and want to make sense out of what the hell is happening right now in your life, you'll get a playful poke in the side, a compassionate kick in the ass, and sometimes a sobering slap across the face to “Wake up!” and see your own BS.

Throughout all of this, you'll come away with not only more compassion and understanding for yourself, but more compassion and understanding for others. In turn, you might finally be able to help other people that frustrate the hell out of you break through *their* BS as well. #winning

If You’re Brave Enough To Explore Your BS…

Then you’re invited to take the journey into your mind to go beyond your mind. You will discover how to turn what could be your greatest enemy, a bullsh*tting brain with its false assumptions and limiting labels, into your greatest ally.

This is a book where you must choose your own journey…

You will not always be told what to do…

You will be implored to explore your own thinking – and choose for yourself.

You will be given many insights from psychology, philosophy, and spirituality – and walk away with no one size fits all answer, and yet still walk away with the only answer that matters.

You’ll Never Be Free From BS, But…

You will be able to work with your BS rather than be overcome by it.

Some of the insights you’ll find in this book include…

• How going after what you want is the very thing that keeps you from getting it.

• The most common mental traps smart people fall for – and why your intelligence can be your greatest enemy.

• Why every excuse you have may be 100% factually true, yet still be complete and utter total freaking bullsh*t.

• The tricks people use to manipulate you, and how your own brain is using these tricks to sabotage yourself without you even realizing it.

• Why your attempt to love and sacrifice for others may be what’s keeping you from experiencing true love.

• A simple mental switch you can flip that turns fear into your friend allowing fear to propel you towards your goals rather than push you away from them.

• The "myth of independence" and how your desire for self-sufficiency is keeping you from true empowerment.

• One mental distinction unlike anything you’ve ever heard that automatically moves you into a growth and progress mindset rather than a perfectionistic fixed mindset.

• Why you will never get rid of your BS, and why you should rejoice in that fact.

• And more…