Superhero Six-Pack: the Complete Bodyweight Training Program to Ripped Abs and a Powerful Core

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Superhero Six-Pack: the Complete Bodyweight Training Program to Ripped Abs and a Powerful Core

Markus A. Kassel, "Superhero Six-Pack: the Complete Bodyweight Training Program to Ripped Abs and a Powerful Core: (Calisthenics Exercises for Getting Shredded and Developing Extreme Core Strength)"
2016 | EPUB + MOBI | 110 pages | ISBN: 1530987822 | English | 5.41 MB

Can’t Stand that Spare Tire Anymore? Your Belly Is Bringing You Down, Making You Feel Like Crap and Hurting Your Relationships, Your Physical Performance and Your Dreams?

You’d love to regain control, reclaim your health and your confidence… but you don’t know where to begin? You don’t want to kill yourself with yet another rough diet, do cardio for hours on end or waste your time with ineffective exercises that will just end up breaking your back.

Get Ripped without Starving to Death or Spending Your Life in the Gym!

In “Superhero Six-Pack”, I share with you my tried-and-true formula for slimming down in a blink and building a core so powerful you’ll be performing feats of strength that’ll have you LOOK LIKE A SUPERHERO right out of an action movie!
Training and experimenting is my life… My best-selling “Real Life Superman” series has already transformed the existence of thousands of people around the world. Now, with this guide, which is the result of more than 20 years of personal research, I’ll show you exactly how to build a body that will be the envy of all!

Never Pull Your Hair Out Again, Just Follow the Guide

Unlike other manuals which only scratch the surface, “Superhero Six-Pack” offers a real step-by-step that leaves nothing to the imagination. No guesswork or trial-and-error here; you’ll learn how, when and for how long to train. And also when it’s time to switch exercises! Every day on this program will bring you closer to your dream. Guaranteed.
In fact, give me a few weeks of your time and I’ll give you a ripped and powerful 6-pack in return! Now, how does THAT sound for a proposition?

Master the Power of Calisthenics and Turn into a Freak of Nature!

No need to waste your cash on pills or gadgets; I will teach you how to use your own bodyweight to turn your weakness into an invaluable ally that will improve your life on all levels. Starting with easy progressions, we will harness the power of calisthenics and not only improve your posture and your health, but make you look better than ever!
With “Superhero Six-Pack”, you’ll become more attractive and powerful; you’ll finally be rid of that burden and wow other people who’ll wonder how you managed to build such an impressive physique.

In this book, you will discover:

Why most abs training methods fail and what you can do about it;

The real secret to getting shredded fast and with ease;

The best bodyweight exercises to make your abs pop out and Hulk strong.

You will also find out:

How to eat to lose as much fat as needed and not feel hungry;

How to make cardio fun and how adding only a few minutes of it to your training sessions can greatly improve your results;

How to ensure you stay the course and keep to this program until you reach your goals.

No matter your present condition, just follow these simple guidelines to make your dream a reality.