The Subliminal Winner

Posted By: kasaka
The Subliminal Winner

The Subliminal Winner
Nightingale Conant Corporation | ISBN: 1555253571 | 1989-09 | MP3 | 24 Mb

I never really believed in subliminal tape programs and was advised to stay away because many of them are merely music and some you have no idea what they are planing in your mind.
Because of my respect for Dr. Waitley and the publishers Nightingale-Conant, I went ahead and ordered this program. I felt not only more relaxed and more at ease but I did see a major difference in productivity.
I layed off the program for some time and recently had some professional and personal reversals. I dug out those old tapes and started listening to them again and once again, they worked.
A lesson I learned was that like exercising, studying or any other positive behavior, for permanent results you need to continue to practice.
When I stop, I can feel a difference in mood and performance.
Thank you Dr. WAITLEY and Dr. BUDZYNSKI