New Age Hypnosis

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New Age Hypnosis

New Age Hypnosis by Bruce Goldberg
English | ISBN: 1567183204 | 240 pages | EPUB | January 1, 1998 | 4.09 Mb

Discover how you can use the easiest, most complete system of hypnosis available to heal your life, change bad habits, research past lives, and more, by reading New Age Hypnosis by Dr. Bruce Goldberg.
Dr. Goldberg has been practicing hypnosis for over 25 years and is an authority on the subject. Under his guidance, this book will teach you how to safely and effectively enter into and return from a hypnotic trance. New Age Hypnosis shows you how to have various metaphysical experiences, including past life regression, out-of-body travel, and much more:
  • View past or future lives
  • Attract a soul mate
  • Contact departed loved ones
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Overcome shyness, overeating, and depression
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Meet your guardian angel
  • Heighten your psychic awareness
  • Increase your ability to earn and hold onto money
  • Strength your immune system
  • Eliminate bad habits and phobias

This just scratches the surface of what you will be able to do when you practice the easy techniques in New Age Hypnosis. Included are several methods for inducing hypnosis, deepening the hypnotic state, and overcoming resistance, as well as numerous sample hypnosis scripts and how to find a qualified hypnotherapist. It even gives explicit and practical instructions on how you can establish your own new age hypnotherapy practice using the techniques in the book.
Upon completion of this book, you will be able to induce a hypnotic trance, deepen it, maximize a clinically beneficial state, and return to the normal waking state as a more spiritually evolved soul.