A Handbook of Greek Constitutional History

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A Handbook of Greek Constitutional History

A Handbook of Greek Constitutional History
Publisher: Cosimo Classics | ISBN: 1596055952 | edition 2005 | PDF | 296 pages | 26,6 mb

This is what Aristotle calls the principle of numerical equality. -from "Chapter VI: Democracy" One of the most renowned classical scholars of the turn of the 20th century here offers a lucid and highly readable overview of a difficult and little understood aspect of Greek history: its public law, not just how it was structured but how it behaved in action. This 1896 book-perfect for university students, amateur historians, and readers of the history of the law-covers the full range of Greek legal development, from the origin of the city-state and the beginnings of the Greek monarchy to the social and political institutions of the far-flung Greek civilization to the rise of federalism and its long-term historical impact on the cultures that came after.

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