How Music and Mathematics Relate

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How Music and Mathematics Relate

David Kung, "How Music and Mathematics Relate"
2013 | pages: 118 | ISBN: 1598039210 | PDF | 1,1 mb

On the surface, music and mathematics seem like polar opposites. Music expresses profound emotions, while mathematics is the model of pure reasoning. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll see the disciplines are linked in fundamental and fascinating ways. Both involve patterns, structures, and relationships. Both generate ideas of great beauty and elegance. Music is a fertile testing ground for mathematical principles, while mathematics explains the sounds instruments make and how composers put those sounds together. Understanding the connections between music and mathematics helps you appreciate both, even if you have no special ability in either field—from knowing the mathematics behind tuning an instrument to understanding the features that define your favorite pieces. By exploring the mathematics of music, you also learn why non-Western music sounds so different, gain insight into the technology of modern sound reproduction, and start to hear the world around you in exciting new ways. In 12 dazzling lectures, How Music and Mathematics Relate gives you a new perspective on two of the greatest achievements of human culture: music and mathematics. At 45 minutes each, these lectures are packed with information and musical examples, from Bach, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky to haunting melodies from China, India, and Indonesia. There are lively and surprising insights for everyone, from music lovers to anyone who has ever been intrigued by mathematics. Your professor is an award-winning teacher, mathematician, and musician, but no expertise in either music or higher-level mathematics is required for you to appreciate this astonishing alliance between art and science.

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