Sports in America: 1960-1969 (Repost)

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Sports in America: 1960-1969 (Repost)

Sports in America: 1960-1969 By David Fischer, Larry Keith
2010 | 97 Pages | ISBN: 1604134534 | PDF | 6 MB

A NOT SO-SUBTLE CHANGE TOOK place in the sports world in the 1960s: Where competing—striving for a championship—was the end-all early in the 1960s, cashing in—not just making a living playing sports, but getting rich doing it—crept in toward the end of the decade. Athletes began to see themselves as entertainers who performed for money. Some observers saw that as an end to a simpler, more innocent time. Others saw it as overdue in an arena in which owners long had prospered at the expense of the athletes. That culture clash was a reflection of life in the 1960s, a period remembered for rebellion in the lifestyles and attitudes of the younger generation—ideas that eventually crept into the mainstream and beyond.