Fit at Any Age: It's Never Too Late

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Fit at Any Age: It's Never Too Late

Fit at Any Age: It's Never Too Late
By Susan Niebergall
English | 2021 | ISBN : 1736092308 | 243 Pages | EPUB | 7 MB

Have you ever sat there and thought, it’s too late for me? It’s too late to lose fat. It’s too late to build muscle.

If you have struggled to lose fat

If you think it’s your metabolism that is keeping you from reaching your goals

If you have tried everything, but nothing seems to work

If you feel like it’s too late for you,

Then this book is for you

Susan Niebergall, owner of Susan Niebergall Fitness and Co-Coach in Syatt Fitness Inner Circle, has helped thousands of women and men lose fat, build muscle, and look and feel the best they have ever felt. It wasn’t too late for them and it’d definitely
not too late for you.

Susan tells her relatable story about her own weight struggles through the decades and how she was finally able to turn it all around well into her fifties. Susan shares:

How she was a clean eater but still couldn’t lose weight

How she learned that more is not better when it comes to exercise.

How she overcame her misguided beliefs about the scale

How losing weight seemed impossible as she aged, but it's really not

How we are in total control of our situation no matter how old we are

How we think affects everything

How you can turn it all around and make progress regardless of your age

Her journey was filled with struggles, mistakes, and stumbles that are not uncommon and she shares how when she finally surrounded herself with the right people, the right program and the right mindset, everything changed.

Susan also includes a “How To” section where she tells you exactly how to lose weight through creating modest nutrition guidelines, 5 strength building workouts, and some final messages to let you know that it truly is never too late to change.

Getting older is not easy on a good day, but the good news here is that you are still in control. As Susan shows, no matter how many times you stumbled in your journey, you can’t mess this up unless you quit.

This is a book of inspiration grit and mindset shifts that will show you it can be done no matter how old you are. You can lose fat, build muscle, and feel the best you’ve ever felt. It’s never too late