Embedded Controllers: Using C and Arduino

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Embedded Controllers: Using C and Arduino

Embedded Controllers: Using C and Arduino by James M. Fiore
English | PDF | 2016 (Updated in 13 February 2019) | 165 Pages | ISBN : 1796854875 | 2.21 MB

This is not your average Arduino book! Instead, Embedded Controllers Using C and Arduino is designed for those who wish to “get under the hood” and use the Arduino environment as a launching pad into the world of embedded controller programming and interfacing. The first half of the text offers an extensive explanation of the C programming language. The second half focuses on the Arduino open source environment. Instead of relying solely on the standard Arduino library functions, alternate efficient and time tested techniques are examined alongside them.
Detailed descriptions of the Atmel 328p controller used in the Arduino Uno lend depth to the discussion of the associated software calls that control it. The source code of many of the most widely used library functions is examined and alternative techniques are explored. This enables the programmer to extend their utility beyond the Arduino and to make use of other embedded development systems.
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